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Super Mario Bros 3: Lost Levels

About Super Mario Bros 3: Lost Levels


Super Mario Bros 3: Lost Levels is a Super Mario ROM hack and a part of the game series of Super Mario Bros. Enter this game to experience its interesting.

Following the success of the Super Mario Bros game series, Super Mario Bros 3: Lost Levels was released and enjoyed by players around the world. This game brings players up to 33 new levels along with some classic levels from Super Mario Bros. Therefore, this can be considered a perfect match for those who want to play both. Come and tell us if you can complete all the levels in a record time. Of course, while playing this game, don't forget to visit previous versions like Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros 2 or experience other games of the same genre like Jumping Alien 1.2.3. Have a great time with the games!

How to control

To move the game character, you can use arrow keys.