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Super Billy Boy

About Super Billy Boy


Super Billy Boy is an amazing game in which you will turn into Billy character. Your mission is to save your friend who was abducted by a strange UFO. 

Your friend is abducted and you need to save him. On your way, you have to face many challenges. Press the arrows to move your character. You will jump from one platform to another platform to get over many gaps. Many monsters will prevent you from saving your friend. You can jump over them or jump on them to kill them. The number of lives is limited. If you hit the monster or fall into the gap, you will lose one life. Don’t forget to collect the coins on the road. Moreover, you should break the mysterious blocks to collect some special items which can help you be stronger. For instance, you get mushrooms to be bigger or get the rocket to own fly ability. You will lose these special skills when you collide with the monsters. 

You will unlock the next levels if you pass the previous levels. Reaching the destination to pass the level. With easy gameplay and simple control, you will have a relaxing time. The game now is available on our web for free. How many levels can you pass? Can you save your friend? Click on the game to know. 

Features of Super Billy Boy

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Jump over the obstacles on monsters
  • Collect the coins
  • Level up
  • Break the mysterious blocks to get special items

How to play

  • Use Arrow keys or A, D to move
  • Use W or up arrow key to jump or Fly
  • Use X or J to fire
  • Use Mouse or touch to start
  • Mobile - touch to play