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Infinite Mario

About Infinite Mario


Infinite Mario is an entertaining game where you help Mario overcome difficulties to save the princess. Collecting coins and breaking blocks is helpful for you.

The game offers classic gameplay in which you control Mario to defeat monsters and jump over obstacles on the way. You can experience many hard levels which have different backgrounds. To pass a level, you must go to the finish line. There are many coins on the road, and your mission is to collect as many coins as possible. Moreover, breaking the blocks is to get some coins, special flowers, and mushrooms which can help Mario more powerful. Look at the time on the right corner of the screen to see how much time is left. The time is limited, so try your best to go to the destination as fast as you can. You have to face a ton of monsters on your way. You can jump over them or jump on them to kill them.

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The storyline

The game with pixel graphics and simple control is suitable for all age groups. The game gave a great storyline, this is a missing princess rescue. Each level will create its own challenge to block you from rescuing the princess. Are you ready for the adventure to save the princess? Don't wait anymore, click on the game to play.

Control your character to overcome obstacles

You will have to face obstacles such as mushrooms and donkeys. You Press the S key to jump on top of these obstacles and destroy them. Also, you Use right and left arrows to move forward and backward. Many interesting levels with different backgrounds are waiting for you. Let's play and conquer it.