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Cat Mario

About Cat Mario


Cat Mario is well-known as a hard-action platformer game. Same as other Mario games, you jump over many monsters and traps, but it's a twist and many surprises.

This game was released in December of 2007 by Adam Kecskes. The game was inspired by Mario's adventures, however, it created a new storyline. It revolves around the adventures of a cat in an imaginary world. This cat will have to jump and overcome countless obstacles in the adventure to the finish line. Play as this character and find your way to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Tips for Cat Mario

  • Traps will appear everywhere, so pay attention to them so you don't get stuck.
  • Don’t stop in a place for too long time. In addition, you need to move carefully and find the checkpoint. When you pass the checkpoint, the distance you have traveled will be saved and you will be returned to the checkpoint after you die.
  • Don’t try to collect all the coins or break all the mysterious blocks because sometimes they have dangerous things. If you have accidentally opened a mysterious box that contains monsters, run fast so as not to die.

The gameplay of the Cat Mario

The game offers easy gameplay, just press the Z key to jump. Be careful when the jumps can be further than your imagination. This race is not an endless race, so you will finish the game when you reach the finish line. You can dodge the enemies or jump on their heads to kill them. Break the mysterious blocks to get coins or sometimes, there are monsters that appear in those blocks. There are thousands of traps that are randomly placed and don’t appear immediately. The game consists of 6 levels of riddles with traps designed to trick the player. Use the right and left arrows to move forward and backward.