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Cat Mario

About Cat Mario


Cat Mario is well-known as a hard-action platformer game. Same as other Mario games, you jump over many monsters and traps, but it's a twist and many surprises.

The game offers easy gameplay, just press the Z key to jump. Be careful when the jumps can be further than your imagination. You can dodge the enemies or jump on their heads to kill them. Break the mysterious blocks to get coins or sometimes, there are monsters that appear in those blocks. There are thousands of traps that are randomly placed and don’t appear immediately. The game consists of 6 levels of riddles with traps designed to trick the player. Use the right and left arrows to move forward and backwards. 

Initially, the game was made in December of 2007 in flash, now designed for html5 so you are able to play on the modern web browser. This version is made by Adam Kecskes. The game is famous for its difficulty because it is known for its levels designed to cause extreme disappointment due to normal objects that suddenly kill the character. 

The game can be playable on the platforms such as Web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Dreamcast. Now, it’s available on our web for free. Click on the to experience a hard game over the world. 

Tips for Cat Mario

  • Remember all the traps after you suffer them 
  • Don’t stop a place for too long time
  • Don’t try to collect all the coins or break all mysterious blocks because sometimes they have dangerous things

How to play

  • The right and left arrows to move forwards and backwards
  • The Z key to jump