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Gary's World

About Gary's World


Gary’s World is a fun game where you will help Gary reach the finish line. On the road, collect as many coins as possible. You have to face many monsters.

Welcome to Gary’s World where you can experience many exciting adventures in many different backgrounds. Your main target is to reach the destination to pass the level. There are many monsters on the road, you can avoid them, by jumping over them or killing them by jumping on them. Besides, use the space bar to throw boom to destroy monsters. Collecting coins on the road to buy many support items in the shop. Moreover, you also collect some helpful items such as booms, power-up drinks, etc by breaking the mysterious boxes. Utilise platforms to overcome the large gaps. Your character lives are limited, so you will lose one life if you hit monsters, fall into gaps, etc. Don’t worry when you also collect lives or buy them. 

The game offers many levels which include many difficulties. Remember that the next levels are more challenging than the previous levels. How many levels can you pass? Can you help Gray go to the finish line?  Click on the game to have the answer. 

Features of Gary’s Worl

  • Collect coins, lives and power-up drinks
  • Level up
  • Suitable for all age groups, even children 
  • Fun and exciting game.

How to play

  • Use the SPACE bar to create fire
  • Press the Z key to use mutant liquid
  • Arrow keys to move the character