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Super Sandy World

About Super Sandy World


Super Sandy World is an adventure game where you control Sandy character to overcome obstacles and monsters. Your final target is to go to the destination.

In this game, you will turn into Sandy and get over many difficulties on the adventure. The game offers many levels to play. The next levels are harder than the previous levels. reaching the destination to pass the level. You have to face many obstacles and monsters on the road. Press the space bar to jump over them or jump on the monster to kill them. You only have three attempts. You will lose one attempt if you collide with monsters and obstacles. When you run all attempts, you must restart the level. Try to complete the mission as fast as possible because the time is limited. 

Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible. You also can break mysterious blocks to get some special items which can turn your character more powerful. Use the right and left arrows to move forward or backwards. You can play the game on our web for free. How many levels can you pass? Can you defeat all enemies on your way? Click on the game to have a relaxing time. 

Features of Super Sandy World

  • Level up
  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Collect the coins
  • Jump on the monsters to kill them
  • Reach the destination to pass the level. 

How to play

  • Right and left arrows to move forward and backwards
  • The space bar to jump