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Fast Ninja

About Fast Ninja


Fast Ninja is a running game in which you have to jump over many gaps on your adventure. Jump up to the platforms and collect coins, stars are your mission.

Have you ever wanted to be a powerful ninja? This game can make your dream come true, and you will own a high jump ability. Here, you will complete the challenge by jumping over the platforms. You can destroy the obstacles ahead by using darts. Play and try to go as far as you can on this track.

Some goals you need to pay attention

The dollar icon in the top left corner of the screen is the amount of money you earn during the race. The M symbol is your travel distance. The clock is your running time.

The rule of Fast Ninja

You will get up to 3 lives in this adventure. Click the mouse to jump from one platform to another platform and double-click to jump higher. The ninja will move continuously, so you need to estimate the distance between the character and the platform to make reasonable jumps. Besides, you also need to jump over many TNT boxes which can explosive immediately with one touch. If you fall into the space or water, the game will be over. Moreover, don't forget to collect as many coins and stars as possible on the road. You only have nine attempts to replay at the checkpoint. You will restart the game when you run out of attempts.

The game offers an endless adventure that can challenge your limit. The further you go, the more money you get. You can see your distance, time, and money on the top of the screen. Are you ready for the endless adventure? Can you get a record in this game? Click on the game to have answers.

How to control: Click the mouse to jump and double clicks to jump higher