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Buggy Wuggy Platformer Playtime

About Buggy Wuggy Platformer Playtime


Buggy Wuggy Platformer Playtime is an adventure game in which you will collect evidence and toys on the road. You also have to destroy many monsters.

Run and run to go to the exit door. On the way, there are many Huggy monsters. You can jump over them or attack them by jumping on their head. Especially, there are some evil bats, you should destroy them because they will chase you. Click the up arrow to jump and double to jump higher. Use the right arrow to move forward and the left arrow to move backwards. Moreover, it’s better to collect all toys and evidence on the road. Don’t forget to collect batteries to turn on your flashlight. 

The game offers three stages, including dense forest, treacherous desert, and the South Pole. You have to unlock the stages in order. Each stage has five levels to challenge your skills. Now, the game is available on our web. The game is a good way to play in your free time or after a long day. You will have an entertaining time with this game. How many levels can you pass? Click on the game to have the answer. 

Features of Buggy Wuggy Platformer Playtime

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Avoid or attack monsters
  • Collect the toys, evidence and batteries
  • Level up.

How to play

  • The up arrow for jump and double for jump higher
  • The right arrow to move forward
  • The left arrow to move backwards