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Super Mario Vs Wario

About Super Mario Vs Wario


Super Mario Vs Wario is a racing game. You need to run as fast as possible to overcome Wario. You collect coins to boost your speed and jump over obstacles.

Welcome to the world of speed where you take part in races with Wario character. Your task is to help Mario defeat Wario. In the race, there are many difficulties. Press the up arrow to jump over them. If you collide with the blocks, you have to restart from starting line. The tortoiseshells along the road can reduce your speed, so jump over them. However, you can boost your speed when collecting the coins. The game requires agility. When starting the game, you must immediately run to avoid being got over by Wario. If you reach the castle first, you will get the victory.

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Conquer all levels of Super Mario Vs Wario

The game offers many levels to play. The speed of your opponent and the problems on the road will increase in the next levels. Currently, the game has 8 different levels where you will have to race against other opponents. However, don't worry and believe in your skills. You can play the game to have a relaxing time on our web for free. Why don't you click on the game now? Let's see how many levels can you pass. Can you defeat Wario to become king of speed?

How to overcome the obstacles

Obstacles will appear continuously on the track, you need to jump over these obstacles and collect coins to reach the finish line. Your character will move forward continuously, you left-click or click the up arrow to jump over obstacles.