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Super Mario Bros

About Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is an attractive game where you control Mario to jump over obstacles and monsters on the road. You should collect as many coins as possible.

Are you confident with your control skill? Super Mario Bros will challenge your skills with many difficulties. Control the character to avoid obstacles and monsters. Press the up arrow to jump over. Use the left and right arrows to move forward or backwards. Be aware of the man-eating plants which hide in the tubes. You can jump over the monsters or you also jump on them to destroy them. However, when they are too crowded, it's better to dodge them. The game offers many worlds for you to experience and the world is chosen randomly. The next world will have more powerful monsters and deadly traps. Although the game has classic gameplay, it isn't easy to master.

If you are a big fan of Mario, you can't ignore this game. In this game, you also design your own levels with useful tools. It sounds interesting, right? You can play the game for free on our web in your free time to relax. Children also can play the game to exercise their skills. How many worlds can you pass? Play the game to know!

Features of Super Mario Bros

  • The classic gameplay
  • Jump over obstacles and monsters
  • Collect the coins
  • Many random worlds to play
  • Children can play the game.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to play this game