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Jumping Alien 1.2.3

About Jumping Alien 1.2.3


Jumping Alien 1.2.3 is a fun game developed by the IKEA Games company. In this game, your mission is to take part in the team finding the parts of a rocket.

A rocket suddenly fell down when it was flying in the air. To minimize the damage caused by the rocket, the Alien which is the owner of the rocket, split the rocket into 28 parts. Your task is to collect these 28 parts. However, to fully collect these 28 parts is very difficult because these 28 parts fall in different dangerous locations around the world. There is no other way, let's overcome these dangers and complete the mission. After collecting all 28 parts, let's challenge with new missions in Super Mario Bros, Infinite Mario, and Super Mario Halloween.

Features of the game

  • Jumping Alien 1.2.3 is designed with beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Live music boosts your spirit and energy during the search.
  • Easy control by using arrow keys to move and jump.
  • There is just one player in the game.