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Super Steve World

About Super Steve World


Super Steve World is an arcade game. The game has many levels for you to experience. You have to help Steve overcome all difficulties on the road.

Have many new adventures with Super Steve World. You will control Steve to jump over many obstacles and dangerous animals on the way. You can kill the animals by jumping on them. Beware of  the round animals which can move faster with one touch. Pick up coins, health, and power-up to defeat your enemies. The game has many levels to play and challenges your skills. The game has many levels to play and challenges your skills. Get the diamonds at the end of the way to pass the level. The time is limited, so complete the mission as quickly as possible. 

Super Steve World belongs to Arcade and it is often associated with Mario Games and Retro Games. It will be familiar to people who are big fans of Mario games. With fun characters and simple control, the game is for the whole family. The online game Super Steve World runs on all web browsers on computers and mobile devices. Click on the game to have a relaxing time. 

If this game isn’t too challenging for you, you can try Cat Mario. In this game, you have to take lots of time to overcome. Even you have to waste a hundred attempts to pass over a track. 

Tips for Super Steve World

  • Break as many mysterious blocks as possible as they have many helpful items
  • Collect the heart and power-up drinks to have special skills like shooting or flying. Moreover, you only lose the special skills instead of restarting the game  if you collide with monsters.

How to play

  • Z key to jump
  • The right and left arrows to move forward or backwards
  • X to shoot