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Unfair Mario Run

About Unfair Mario Run


Unfair Mario Run is an adventure game where you have to control Mario to jump over all obstacles and traps on the road. Hit the monsters to get more points.

Come to the game; your final target is to go to the destination to pass the level. Press the up arrow to jump over or jump on the monsters to destroy them. Use the right and left arrows to move forward and backwards. Thousands of deadly traps appear suddenly as soon as you come close to them. You can look at guide signs on the road to know some traps and know what should you go. You can gain momentum to jump further and higher. Besides, you can jump over monsters or jump on them to kill them. With one kill, you will get specific points. When playing the game, beware of the weak blocks, which can fall immediately with one touch.

The game has five levels to play. Each level includes a long road waiting for you to get over. You must go through checkpoints to replay when your character dies at the last checkpoint. With eye-catching graphics and simple control, children can play the game to relax. The game will not let you down.

Features of Unfair Mario Run

  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Pass the previous level to unlock the following levels
  • Play the game on our web for free

How to play

  • Click the mouse to drop discs