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Eddie Adventures

About Eddie Adventures


Eddie Adventures is an adventure game where you will control Eddie to overcome many obstacles and monsters on the road. You also need to collect coins and gems.

If you love adventure games, you can’t ignore Eddie Adventures in which you can take part in many adventures in many worlds. The game offers many worlds which can challenge your limit. Try your best to jump over the deadly traps and monsters or you also kill monsters by jumping on them. You can enter a pipe by pressing the down arrow while standing above it. Not every pipe can be accessed. Moreover, you can perform a slide move by using the down arrow while on ramps. Any enemy on your way will be killed by this move. There are some power-up items that can transform you with bonus abilities like fire, ice or fly. When you got firepower, press the space bar to throw a fire projectile. Some objects can be picked up by standing near them and pressing the space bar. 

On the way, there are many coins, gems and helpful items. Don’t forget to collect them. Each world of this game will have many other levels, you need to unlock them in order. Are you ready for interesting adventures? Click on the game to play now! 

Features of Eddie Adventures

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Jump over obstacles on jump on the monsters
  • Collect the coins, gems and items
  • Level up
  • Suitable for all age groups, even children 
  • Fun and exciting game.

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Space to shoot.
  • X to dash.