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Mario Invaders

About Mario Invaders


Mario Invaders is a shooting game where you shoot enemies and dodge enemies and their bullets. Don’t forget to catch the stars, shields, and coins.

Mario Invaders is different from the other classic Mario game. In this game, you will shoot enemies instead of jumping on them. The monsters will appear from the sky and they will come close to your character. Therefore, you need to shut down all of them before they can collide with Mario. Swipe the mouse to move the character and click the mouse to press the space bar to fire. Be careful when your enemies also shoot you, so you have to shoot and dodge bullets at the same time. Besides, collecting the coins, stars and shields will be useful for you. Especially, the shields can protect you from enemies’ attacks, bullets and boom. 

When all your enemies disappear or you kill all of them, you will level up. The higher levels you are, the more difficulties you have to face. If you are beaten, you have to restart the game. Let’s use your skills and agility to avoid dangerous things and clear all enemies. Why don’t you click on the game to show your skills and have a relaxing time? 

Features of Mario Invaders

  • Pixel graphics
  • Avoid enemies, bullets and booms
  • Catch the coins, stars and shields
  • Level up
  • Shoot all enemies. 

How to play

  • Swipe the mouse to move 
  • Click the mouse or press the space bar to fire