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Super Mario Bros 2

About Super Mario Bros 2


Super Mario Bros 2 is a sequel to Super Mario Bros. Let's continue the rescue journey and become the hero of the princess. Have a good time!

Welcome you to Super Mario Bros 2! The princess in this part continues to be captured by an evil force. Therefore, the king orders you to set out to rescue the princess. In Super Mario Bros 2, you will have to go through more intense battles with stronger opponents. Specifically, you have to complete all 20 different levels across seven worlds to get to where the princess is being held and rescue her. Are you ready to take part in the journey to be a hero? Show your skills!

Features of the game

  • The gameplay is similar to part 1: Super Mario Bros
  • The game offers many difficulties which have the mission to stop you
  • Eye-catching graphic design with bold characteristics of Mario games
  • Exciting music brings an exciting atmosphere