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Super Mario Run Race Online

About Super Mario Run Race Online


Super Mario Run Race Online is a racing game where you turn into Mario, but you won’t run. You drive a cool motorbike to overcome many obstacles on the road.

If you are too familiar with classic Mario games, Super Mario Run Race Online can bring a new feeling to you. Driving a motorbike on dangerous roads which have many obstacles. You have to control the motorbike move on them. Keep the motorbike balance when going over the obstacles. Use the right arrow to move forward. Combination of pressing the arrow keys to balance the motorbike. Your objective is to reach the destination and pass the level. Don’t fall on your head unless you want to end the game. 

The game offers 12 levels for you to challenge your skills. Remember that the next levels will be more challenging the the previous levels. Look at the right corner of the screen to see how much time you go. The game is a great combination of the Mario and a racing game. With easy gameplay and simple control, you can play the game in your free time or after a long day. Hope you have a nice time! 

Features of Super Mario Run Race Online

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Go over the obstacles
  • Reach the destination to pass the level. 
  • Level up.

How to play

  • Use the arrows to play