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Super Flappy Mario

About Super Flappy Mario


Enter Super Flappy Mario to experience one of the new kinds of Mario games. Players in this game will control Mario to fly as far as possible.

In the game Super Flappy Mario, the task of players is to help the Mario character flap their wings and fly through the blank between tubes and obstacles. The further Mario flies, the higher score you get. However, getting a high score is considered as a difficult task because it is very easy to collide with the tube. Flying too high and flying too low are not good ideas. You have to adjust so that Mario cannot collide with the tubes. In addition, you will encounter a lot of turtle and mushroom symbols when flapping. Let's collect mushrooms because you will add 5 points after each time of collecting them. In contrast, you have to avoid turtles because you will minus 10 points when touching them one time. In addition, there are some more interesting mario games you may like such as Super Mario Bubble Shooter, Super Mario Shooting Zombie, and Super Mario Adventure.

Features of the game

  • This game has simple control just clicking or tapping.
  • Challenging to get a high point.
  • Single-player.
  • Great graphics with Mario character.