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Super Mario Shooting Zombie

About Super Mario Shooting Zombie


Super Mario Shooting Zombie is an interesting shooting Mario game. In the game, your objective is to take your gun and start shooting to destroy all zombies.

The world Mario lives have to face a dangerous situation when people are infected with a strange virus and become zombies. In order to protect himself from the attacks of the zombies, you have to destroy them. Take your gun in your hand and start shooting. In the game, you can not move around and have to aim from afar. Besides, zombies stand in places which are covered by walls or wood boxes. Therefore, you have to think carefully and take advantage of the surrounding areas to shoot such as a ladder, walls, etc. For example, you can shoot the walls to the bullets backfire into zombies. In addition, there are many attacks from zombies. Therefore, as soon as you completely destroy an attack, let's be ready for the next wave. Finally, there are some Mario games you may have an interest in: Super Mario Vs Mafia, Super Mario Bros, and Unfair Mario Run.

How to play

Players slide their computer mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot zombies.