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Super Mario Adventure

About Super Mario Adventure


Super Mario Adventure is an online game where you jump over obstacles and monsters. Pick up coins and reach the finish line are your missions.

You will have many exciting adventures in this game. Press the up arrow to jump from one block to another block. You need to dodge many shells on the road. Moreover, avoid monsters or jump on them to kill them. Collecting as many coins as possible is useful for you. You have a total of 3 lives, if your character dies, you will lose one life. You have to restart the game when running out of lives. One more thing, reach the finish line before time’s up. 

The game offers many levels for you to play. The game can be playable on many web browsers, so you can easily play the game in your free time. Now, you can experience the game on our web for free. With easy gameplay and Mario character, the game is for the whole family. How many levels can you pass? 

If you want to play a Mario game combined with the retro game where you also face more difficulties on the road, you can click on Super Mario Bros. There are many random maps for you to play with. 

Tips for Super Mario Adventure

  • Always reach the checkpoint to replay at the last checkpoint if you collide with monsters
  • You can jump over monsters or avoid them but must dodge the shells
  • Look at the shells carefully because they are hard to discover 
  • You can turn off the music by click on the volume icon on the screen.

How to play

  • Use the arrows to control the character