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Soldier Legend

About Soldier Legend


Participate in Soldier Legend to enjoy the crazy fight against monsters. Your aim in the game is to eliminate all the monsters and UFO to protect our planet.

Some things about the game

Welcome to Soldier Legend which is a game about soldiers. The world is threatened by legions of alien monsters when they want to invade the earth. As a soldier, you join the fight to destroy them to protect the earth, especially the people you love. When entering this thrilling battle, you will be equipped with a gun with unlimited bullets. Let's shoot down all the monsters and UFOs in the air with clicks from your computer mouse. When you defeat those monsters, you will be able to pick up some useful things from them like gold coins. In addition, there are many levels in the Soldier Legend game. After you kill all the monsters in a level, you will be moved to another location with more monsters. Destroy them all and become a legend soldier! After being a legendary soldier, you might conquer other games such as Donkey Kong Returns, Jelly Mario Bros, and Battle Royale Class.