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Battle Royale Classic

About Battle Royale Classic


Experience one of the most thrilling battle games at the Battle Royale Classic. In the game, your objective is to battle with others to be the last survivor.

You will engage in a military conflict with two other players when playing Battle Royale Classic. You won't have any weapons to protect yourself as well as combat when the game first starts. Therefore, the best course of action in this situation is to avoid the adversary and get a weapon for yourself. Destroy the adversary once you have a powerful weapon in your possession. To shoot enemies, you must run and jump onto floating platforms. Naturally, you must also try to stay away from their bullet lines if you do not want to end the game early.

The gameplay in Battle Royale Classic is engaging and is quite similar to the kind of Mario games in 2D graphics. When the game's interesting music and the sound of victory after each opponent kill play automatically, you will more enjoy the game. Are you ready to join? Come to display your tactical prowess and mouse skills.