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Donkey Kong Returns

About Donkey Kong Returns


Donkey Kong Returns is an arcade platformer with Mario character. In the game, your objective is to rescue the beautiful princess from Donkey Kong.

The king's only daughter was captured by Donkey Kong and locked up at the top of a special mountain. Everyone can see the fear of the princess even at the bottom of the platform or from afar. However, no one was able to successfully rescue the princess due to Donkey Kong's obstruction. Help the hero Mario overcome the attacks of that ape and rescue the princess. Barrels and flames are things Donkey Kong often uses to stop you. Jump to pass them and run closer to the princess. If your Mario character is injured by attacks, the game is over.

Features of the game

How to play

  • Press Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Use Up and down arrow keys to climb up and down ladder
  • Press Space to jump