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Flip The Gun

About Flip The Gun


Flip The Gun is an exciting shooting game with brand-new gameplay. In this game, your duty is to make shooting shots to collect coins and bullets.

As I mentioned above, Flip The Gun has a quite new way of playing when players will not shoot guns as usual. First, your gun will fly into the air. You will click on the screen so that the gun shoots bullets and continues to fly into the air. During the play, the gun can collect gold coins as well as bullets. Collecting bullets is because a gun only has a certain number of bullets. If you don't collect them, the game will end when the number of bullets runs out. Therefore, to be able to collect as many gold coins and bullets, you will need to practice and get used to the game. In addition, there is a speeding-up feature which can help your gun flip faster. Take advantage of all the features of the game to get as many gold coins as possible. If you want to play other games, Geometry Dash Lite, Foxy Land, and Fireblob Winter are some games we recommend.