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Foxy Land

About Foxy Land


Foxy Land is an interesting adventure game in which you help a little fox overcome difficulties and challenges to find his lover. Have a great time!

Instructions to play

There is a beautiful story about the love of two foxes in a peaceful village. Suddenly, something bad happened. The female fox was taken by an eagle. Will their love story end here? No, the male fox decided to find and rescue the female fox. Your mission is to help the little fox on this journey. Use arrow keys or WASD to control him through the challenges. Along the way, you will have to collect enough diamonds and apples to be able to open the door at the end of the road. If you don't collect enough, you won't be able to open that door as a result. This also means that your love rescue mission will be over. However, don't worry about it because you can completely start over at a new table. Are you ready to assist? After successfully getting the two foxes back together, you can play Super Jesse Pink, Adam And Eve Go, and Super Mario Bros.