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Fireblob Winter

About Fireblob Winter


Come to Fireblob Winter to enjoy a platform puzzle game created by NoaDev. In this game, your goal is to fire the pile of firewood with a small fireball.

Instructions to play

When you first start the game, you will see a lot of levels on the game board. You must start from level 1 to unlock the next level. You will immediately begin playing Fireblob Winter after selecting a level. A fireball and a pile of firewood are located separately on each level. Your mission is to direct the fireball to a wood fire and ignite it. You could proceed to the next level after the pile of firewood burns. Let's start playing right away with your computer mouse and arrow keys. This game is specially designed with a colorful graphics style and retro-like sounds for the cold winter. It is also simple and safe for all kinds of people to play, especially children. Have a good time!