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Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis

About Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis


Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis is an adventure game designed with the Christmas topic. In this game, players will help Dibbles come to their destination.

Welcome to Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis! Dibbles is back with an important Christmas mission. What is that? For the answer, help the Dibbles on this journey with your wits. As I mentioned earlier, you'll make the Dibbles' journey easier by building bridges and clearing obstacles along the way. Every success will have a loss. You will have to leave some Dibbles to complete the mission. Click Extend and choose a position to build a part of the bridge and click clear to make the obstacles disappear. Follow the instructions on the road to complete the mission. There are a lot of levels with increasing challenges for you to play. After completing all the missions, you can try other interesting games such as Snake Game, Super Flappy Mario, and Unfair Mario Run.