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Snake Game

About Snake Game


Snake Game is a fun multiplayer game in which players will control a colorful snake and try to nurture it as big as possible. Great fun with the game!

If you have ever played the classic snake game, do not hesitate to play this game immediately. As I said earlier, you will control a little snake in the game. After that, you navigate it to move around the area and eat apples on the platform. Each time you eat an apple, the length of your snake will increase. Eat many apples as you can in order for your snake to become the lengthiest one. Besides, one of the most interesting features of the game is you can kill other snake and make it to your food. Therefore, you have to be cautious with other snakes or other players in another way. They can kill your snake and eat your snake. In contrast, you completely can do this.

Tips to play

  • When your snake is so small and too weak, avoid being away from other snakes and eat apples.
  • Cover another snake with your snake to kill them and make it into your food.
  • Avoid green potion bottles, and bombs if you do not want to stop the game early.