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Mario FPS

About Mario FPS


Mario FPS is a shooting game where you need to aim at the enemies and shoot them. Collect enough coins to pass level and mushroom to recover your health.

Are you ready for battles in which you have to face many enemies? Mario FPS will bring thrilling fights to you. In the beginning, you own a gun and some ammo. Your mission is to collect enough coins to pass the level, and you can go around the maze to collect them. Use the arrows to move the character and the space bar or the mouse to shoot. There are many monsters that prevent you from completing the mission. You need to aim and shoot them. Remember to keep a safe distance from the monsters because they can hurt you and decrease your health. You can get mushrooms to recover your health. Collecting ammo is also very necessary. Run continuously to avoid attacking. 

The game has many levels for you to challenge your skills. You need to pass the previous level to unlock the following levels. The higher level you are, the more difficulties you face. One unique thing about the game is you will play in first-person view, which helps you have real emotion. Don’t wait any more; click on the game to play now! 

Features of Mario FPS

  • Play in first-person view
  • Collect coins, mushrooms, and ammo
  • Level up
  • Aim and shoot the monsters.

How to play

  • Use arrows to control the character
  • The space bar or the left mouse to fire