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Super Mario Rush 2

About Super Mario Rush 2


Super Mario Rush 2 is an online HTML5 game where you control a legendary character to overcome many obstacles and monsters. Pick up coins on the road.

If you played Mario games, you will be familiar with Super Mario Rush 2. In this game, you will help Mario jump over and dodge the monsters and deadly traps. Click the mouse to jump and hold to roll. Estimate the distance between platforms to have reasonable jumps. Collect coins on the ways to unlock many new costumes in the shop. Moreover, break the blocks to get coins. 

This game is the second version of Super Mario Rush 2. In this version, you can explore three worlds which are mushroom kingdom - mysterious forest - dangerous grave. Each world has tons of deadly traps such as lava, ghosts, thorns, water, saw blades, big rocks, etc. Try your best to run to the destination safely. 

Super Mario Rush 2 belongs to Arcade and it is often associated with Mario Games and Clicker Games. With 2D graphics, you will have an exciting time with the game. You can play the game on all web browsers and mobile for free. Now, the game is available at http://worldofmario.com/ for free. Click on the game to experience. 

Features of Super Mario Rush 2

  • There are three worlds to explore
  • More challenges with thousands of traps and monsters
  • You can unlock new costumes with the earned coins
  • You can play Super Mario Rush 2 on desktop and mobile.

How to play

  • Click the mouse to jump, hold for seconds to roll