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Super Mario Vs Mafia

About Super Mario Vs Mafia


Super Mario Vs Mafia is a shooting game belonging to Mario games. In the game, you help Mario character destroy all the enemies by using a gun.

In this game, there are many people who residents do not like because of their bad behaviors. They are Mafias. They are getting worse and worse and Mario decided to destroy all. Let's help him in this journey by aiming and shooting his enemies correctly. Use a map of Mafia areas and start to destroy from the outer area to the center. Each area has a lot of enemies and the closer to the center, the more enemies you need to destroy in each area. Are you ready to aim and shoot? In addition, if you like this game, you can try playing other Mario games like Super Mario Rush, Super Lule Adventure, and Super Billy Boy.

Interesting features of the game

  • Easy aim and shoot with the computer mouse.
  • The endless number of bullets for you to shoot.
  • Many levels with an increasing number of opponents.
  • Take advantage of surrounding items and terrains to get a win easier.