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Super Lule Adventure

About Super Lule Adventure


Super Lule Adventure is a classic adventure game developed by the Rungames company. Your goal in the game is to overcome obstacles to rescue the Princess.

Enter the Super Lule Adventure game to become the brave hero Super Lule and rescue the young Princess Lili from the bad people. Princess Lili is trapped inside a dark castle and you play the role of Super Lule and must overcome five worlds to be able to get there. Of course, the five worlds are not normal and peaceful worlds. Lots of dangerous enemies as well as many obstacles will be set in your way. Overcome all of them, you will be the hero. During the journey, you can encounter some useful items like gold coins. Besides, killing the monsters also will be rewarded with some points. Collect gold coins and earn points as many as possible. Arm yourself with patience and courage in order to triumph over all of the villains.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move, jump and duck.