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Super Mario Endless Run

About Super Mario Endless Run


Super Mario Endless Run is an exciting running game. You will have a chance to participate in an endless race. You have to face a ton of bullets on the road.

Super Mario Endless Run is an entertaining game where you will have to participate in an endless race. This game has a simple gameplay, so it is suitable for all ages. You will easily overcome the challenge of the game by avoiding dangerous bullets. What are you waiting for without participating in this exciting and fun game?

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How to play

If you love speed games, you should try Super Mario Endless Run. In this game, you have to control Mario to avoid the bullets which move at the max speed. Therefore, you have to observe and estimate to jump or slide over the bullets reasonably. Press the up arrow to jump over and the down arrow to slide. Use the right arrow to move faster and the left arrow to reduce the speed. The game offers an infinite road that can challenge your limit. How far can you move? The further you move, the higher scores you get. The game is more challenging when the speed of the bullets will be faster and faster.

The game has easy gameplay, but it is difficult to master. The game is suitable for all age groups, even children because it can exercise their reactions. Now, this game is available on our web for free. You can play the game in your free time or after a long day to relax. Don't be hesitant, click on the game right now!

How to control: Use the arrow keys.