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StrikeForce Kitty

About StrikeForce Kitty


StrikeForce Kitty is an interesting rescue game. In the game, you control some cats to overcome obstacles and rescue the cat princess. Good luck!

In the cat world, something bad happened. The cat princess has been kidnapped by the bad guys. The king was very angry and decided to order the cat heroes to rescue the princess. This is where your mission begins. Navigate our cat heroes through hurdles and challenges to rescue the princess. The beginning of the journey can be very difficult. However, after all you will become the hero of the cat princess like in the novels. Finally, we have some interesting Mario games to recommend after you play this game. They are Super Mario Bros, Super Flappy Mario, and Super Mario Bubble Shooter.

Features of the game

StrikeForce Kitty has so many levels and difficulties which try to stop you.

The game offers many cat characters

Great graphics and energetic sound effects