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Santa's Delivery

About Santa's Delivery


Santa's Delivery is a Christmas-themed puzzle game in which players assist Santa in placing gifts on Christmas trees. Have a fantastic time!

Overview of the game

In this game, your goal is to direct Santa to deliver all of the gifts on the Christmas trees. Then, guide Santa to the chimney to advance to the next level. Santa can be moved left, right, back, and forward by using the arrow keys. However, completing this task is quite difficult. Let's start with an overview and then apply your logic to solve it. The game has many levels with the increasingly challenging for people to experience and get fun with. Besides, Santa's Delivery is safe for everyone. Finally, if this game is too easy for you. Death Run 3D, Unfair Mario 2, and Super Flappy Mario are always here to challenge your skills.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to navigate the Santa.