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Mario Kart 64

About Mario Kart 64


Come to Mario Kart 64 to enjoin a racing kart game with Mario character. Use your control skills to be the first player to reach the finishing line.

Some interesting things about Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is an entertaining racing game that is suitable for all ages and genders. With the beautiful graphics, energetic sound effects, and the game characters about Mario, the game will bring great racing moments. When entering the game, you will choose the game character you like and the kind of track that is suitable for you. After that, let's race as soon as the traffic light turns green. You will see a small map of the trap at a corner of your screen and the position of each player on this map. Observe it and have your plan to get the first position. Besides this game, there are some Mario we would like to recommend to you. They are Super Mario Kart, Fast Ninja, and Super Mario Rush 2.