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Kogama Super Mario N64

About Kogama Super Mario N64


Kogama Super Mario N64 is an adventure game developed by the Kogama company. In the game, players control the game character to collect all 35 golden stars.

Welcome to Kogama Super Mario N64 which is one of the most popular games of the Kogama and Super Mario games. As I said earlier, you will choose one among games characters of the games such as Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, and then start your journey of discovering. Your objective is to find out all 35 golden stars in the maps to conquer this game. You have to explore every inch of the map since the stars are dispersed across the area. Look above the trees, below the lake, or even within the cavernous, undiscovered tunnels. In addition, you can enter the Princesses Castle and unlock new rooms and regions to explore once you have a certain number of stars.

How to control

Kogama Super Mario N64 is very easy to control like JoJo Run, Pacman 30th Anniversary, and Super Craft Bros Runner. You use WASD or arrow keys to move to control your character's movement. Besides, use the Space bar to jump, E to open doors, and O to enter fullscreen. Good luck!