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Super Craft Bros Runner

About Super Craft Bros Runner


Super Craft Bros Runner is a kind of Mario and running game. In the game, you run and collect gold in the endless Minecraft runner game for as long as possible.

Super Craft Bros Runner is a running game where you will be participating in an endless race. You can easily control your character with the arrow keys. You have to try to run fast on this track and catch the thief who is holding the bomb. In addition, this game has quite special graphics. It depicts Mario's journey in 2D, which gives players an interesting experience. Last but not least, great sound effects are an important part of the success of this game.

The obstacles that you need to avoid

When participating in this race, you will face countless different obstacles. The first is the walls, you have to avoid the walls by moving left, right, or jumping over. You jump over moving platforms on the track. Finally, the bombs are placed on the road by the thief. These bombs are randomly placed, so you have to be careful not to hit them.

Play Super Craft Bros Runner

In the Super Craft Bros Runner game, players will enter an endless running competition. Control your craft boy to run on the road and collect the gold on the road. Of course, there are challenges for you to test your reaction speed. For example, the track is not straight but a roundabout way with frequent occurrence of holes. Moreover, there are some other obstacles such as blocks or bombs. You have to avoid them or jump over them if you do not want to lose. Run as far as you can and collect as much gold to win the game.

How to control: You can control your craft boy with the arrow keys.