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Kizi Kart

About Kizi Kart


Kizi Kart is a game belonging to a racing game. In this game, you drive a kart and race with others to find the first one to get to the finish line.


When entering the game, let's choose a game character from a variety of characters such as Kizi, Kissi, Spike, Tito, or Gary, and then start a race. It is extremely easy to play this game by using the arrow keys. Using them to navigate the kart move forward, move left, and right. During the race, there are some interesting items on the track such as gold coins, electric power, and speed support items. Collect them all to be able to the advantages in the journey of being the winner. Have a great time!

Interesting features of the game

  • Easy to play with arrow keys or WASD
  • A variety of game characters are available for you to choose including Kizi, Kissi, Spike, Tito, and Gary.
  • There are three races in the game: Star Course, Rocket Race, and the Kizi Cup.
  • Great graphics and interesting sound effects.
  • Great useful items support the players.
  • The game has great gameplay and so much fun like other famous games such as Super Mario Endless Run, Super Mario Bros Riders, and Super Mario Bros.