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Super Mario Halloween

About Super Mario Halloween


Super Mario Halloween is an arcade game in which you have to aim and shoot the monsters. They will hide behind or under tubes, blocks, and other obstacles.

Super Mario Halloween will bring a new feeling to you when you will not control Mario run. In this game, your mission is to shoot the enemies who are behind or under the obstacles. You need to make a smart strategy before shooting because the number of bullets is limited. If you run out of bullets while there is even one enemy, the game will be over. You can experience two modes, including hard and easy mode. It's better to select the easy mode to enhance your skills before entering the hard mode. Remember that your bullets can destroy the obstacles which protect the enemies. You also utilize them to kill the monsters such as by spilling bricks on the enemy.

Play Super Mario Halloween in 2 modes

This game has 2 main game modes, which are easy mode and hard mode. Easy modes are simple challenges that help you get used to the gameplay of this game. Meanwhile, the hard mode makes it difficult for you to destroy the obstacles out of sight. Here, the directional lines will disappear and you have to align yourself.

The gameplay of Super Mario Halloween

The game is inspired by Mario's character, but we play accord in a new way. There are many levels to challenge your skills. Killing all enemies with a limited number of bullets to pass the level. Now, the interesting game is available on our web for free. Don't wait anymore, click on the game to have a relaxing time.

Press and swipe the mouse to adjust the angle and strength. Use the dotted line to estimate the bullet's destination. Release to shoot enemies. Try to fire one bullet that can kill as many enemies as possible.