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Adam And Eve Go

About Adam And Eve Go


Adam And Eve Go is an exciting game where you must help Adam come back home. Find keys to unlock the gates and collect fruits on your adventure.

If you are a big fan of adventure games, you can't ignore this game. Your mission is to take Adam back to his home. There are many gates on the road, and you have to find them out. The keys can be everywhere, or even someone keeps them. You need to collect valuable objects for them to get the key. Beware of the bad guys and deadly traps on the road; try to control the character to get away from them. Adam can't jump over, so try to find the best way to go. Don't forget to collect fruits and flowers to give Eve; she will be pleased.

The game offers 14 levels for you to play. You will meet and overcome many different people and traps at each level. Therefore, you won't be bored when playing one game. The game has beautiful graphics and simple control, so it is suitable for age groups, even children. Sometimes, you have to solve problems to get the keys and open the gates. Hope you can pass the levels. Good luck!

Features of Adam And Eve Go

  • Beautiful graphics and simple control
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Level up
  • Collect fruits on the road
  • Avoid obstacles and traps.

How to play

  • Press right and left arrows to move forward or backwards