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Super Mario Old

About Super Mario Old


Super Mario Old is an amazing game in which you control Mario to jump over the obstacles and monsters on the road. Reach the destination to pass the levels.

Are you familiar with Mario games? Super Mario Old will bring a new character for you. It’s still Mario, that is an old Mario. However, age doesn't affect the character’s jumps. Like in other Mario games, you need to avoid the deadly obstacles and jump from one platform to another platform. You can get away from the monsters or jump on them to destroy them. Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible, and get the keys to open chests. Don’t let your character fall into the water or the space unless you want to end the game. Look at the time at the right corner of the screen. You need to run as fast as you can because the time is limited. 

The game offers three worlds which have eight levels in each world. Each world has a different background and they are waiting for you to explore. With simple control and easy gameplay, it is suitable for all age groups, even children. Moreover, the game also helps you exercise your skills. Don’t wait anymore, click on the game to play now! 

Moreover, you also can play Super Mario Bros in which you have same missions like Super Mario Old. However, Super Mario Bros may be more challenging. 

Features of Super Mario Old

  • Beautiful graphics and simple control
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Level up
  • Collect coins and keys to pass levels and open chests.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the character