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Wuggy Adventures

About Wuggy Adventures


Wuggy Adventures belongs to a kind of adventure game in which you accompany Wuggy to explore the dangerous world and find the great treasure.

Are you ready to enter the Wuggy Adventures game which is considered a totally new old-school running game? Huggy is extremely brave and always wants to discover the world. Although there are a lot of dangerous things outside, he still decides to start his new journey. Your duty is to help him to conduct this dream. Let's be together with Huggy run through the mysterious islands, jump and run over the obstacles. Besides, there are a lot of deadly barriers during the adventures such as super evil monsters. Keep your distance from him and think about the great ways to destroy them. In addition, at the end of the world, you will find a treasure box. Do not hesitate to get it because it is your reward after a long dangerous journey.

How to play

Use the keyboards or arrow keys to control.