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Word Detector

About Word Detector


Difficult challenges are waiting for you to discover in the game Word Detector. You have to arrange the suggested letters to make meaningful words.

The game will start with simple puzzles with 3 hints. From these 3 suggested words you can develop into many words with different meanings. Each puzzle will have a certain word limit, you complete enough required words to continue with new puzzles. You can also challenge yourself by raising the suggested words to 4 or 5 letters. With this, the number of words you form will also increase, which makes it take you longer to complete the puzzle.

How to arrange the word

The hint letters will appear jumbled in a circle. You move the mouse to connect the letters according to the order of this letter in the word

Why you should play Word Detector

This game both challenges your language ability and thinking ability. You already have a wide vocabulary but you also have to have a good mindset to be able to connect words together. Maybe the word requires is a word you know but you can't recognize when it's taken apart. So you will have to link these two abilities together to solve the puzzle, so you can practice these skills.