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Tom Run Online

About Tom Run Online


What are you waiting for without participating in the endless chase in Tom Run Online? Let's play the role of a policeman and catch a thief on the street.

As I mentioned above, you will play as a policeman. A thief is raging on the street, and many people have been his victims. Do justice and arrest this thief and make sure the residents are safe. However, this journey will not be accessible when you have to avoid obstacles. You need to be flexible to avoid moving obstacles like cars. In addition, the game also has static obstacles such as barriers. This game requires you to have good reflexes to be able to overcome the challenge. This game promises to bring you the most entertaining moments. What are you waiting for without logging into the world of mario and playing this game?

How to arrest the thief

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character and chase the thief.

Use the power-ups

You can use some power-ups to make this journey more interesting. Power-ups like magnets and running shoes will help you get higher results in the game. You can own these by buying or picking them up on the street. Play and make the most of the power-ups.