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Tiny Jelly

About Tiny Jelly


What are you waiting for without playing the Tiny Jelly game? Your task is to match the matching jellies on the board and remove them from the board.

Tiny Jelly is an adorable world where you have to delete all the jellies on the board. You find the jellies that standing next to each other and match them to eliminate them. To connect these jelly pieces together, you need to find at least three jelly pieces of the same type standing next to each other. When you connect more than seven jellies in one match you will get a rocket. This missile is capable of destroying a row of jellies horizontally and vertically. Create more rockets to reach the target faster. This task is very simple. Are you ready?

How to delete the jelly

You find the jellies standing next to each other and use the mouse to connect them together, then they are deleted from the board.

Conquer the different level of Tiny Jelly

This game creates many different levels for you to play. Each level will have its own target. You complete this target within the specified number of turns and pass the level. Let's play and conquer all these levels.