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Taming io

About Taming io


Taming io is a survival game created by LapaMauve. Your objective is to build your village by gathering resources and fighting to protect it.

How to play Taming io

Craft and Upgrade

You have a pet in the game at the beginning. You will direct your pet in order to harvest wood from trees and gathers resources to construct structures. These are the fundamental elements required to construct a structure. As a survivor, you will receive a variety of rewards at some point. These rewards can range from food to aid in your recovery to tools and weapons. Furthermore, the windmill is one of the most important structures to unlock for your base. This structure will generate gold for you automatically.

Tame Pets

The game has an excellent taming feature. You can have up to three pets by approaching and taming any wild animal.

Build a Team

Taming io is an online multiplayer game. As a result, the game attracts a large number of players from all over the world. You and other players can form a group to accomplish your goal more quickly and easily.

How to control

  • To control your character's movement, use WASD or arrow keys
  • Left mouse button to attack