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Super World Adventure

About Super World Adventure


Super World Adventure is one of the ultimate games belonging to the Mario game. Do not hesitate to enter this magical world to explore with Mario.

Everyone is probably familiar with Mario and his quest to save the princess. Mario has inspired many adventure games, including Super World Adventure. This game features a world with stunning scenery. This location, however, contains lethal traps and dangerous monsters. Let's move the character to play right now with the arrow keys. To jump, use the up arrow. To move the character, use the left and right arrows. The monsters will walk around indefinitely. You can destroy them by jumping on them. Destroying those monsters is completely possible by jumping on them. Be wary of some monsters who may appear unexpectedly. Wait for them to vanish and then dash through the danger. There will be many mystical boxes along the way. Break them to obtain useful items.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play