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Super Marius World

About Super Marius World


Super Marius World is an adventure and casual game which is developed by the Kiz10 company. In the game, you will discover great things and go to the castle.

Enter the Super Marius World, you will control a little Marius character to conduct his dream. Go to the castle is the ultimate goal in this game. Before getting the goal, you have to enjoy the progress of discovering. You have to encounter a lot of interesting things as well as many obstacles on the way such as gold coins, dangerous stones, moveable blocks, or maybe enemies. So what do you need to do when encountering them? Collecting gold coins to improve your score, jumping over the blocks and the cliffs, and avoiding the attack from your enemies are your duties. In addition, you also destroy the moveable blocked and blocks to increase your number of scores. The game will be over if you fall down cliffs or are defeated by your enemies. Try to take little Marius to his safe castle and be safe from the dangers of many enemies.

Features of the game

  • One player
  • The gameplay is so simple to play
  • It is suitable for all people of any ages
  • Entertaining game with multi-levels

How to control

  • To move and jump, use the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys.
  • On mobile devices, press the move and jump buttons.