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Super Mario Jump

About Super Mario Jump


Super Mario Jump is an arcade game. Your mission is to jump on platforms to avoid the water rising. If you jump over 100 platforms, you can save the princess.

You must save the princess from the sinking island in this game by jumping up 100 platforms. The game is more challenging when all the platforms can move quickly or slowly. Therefore, you need to estimate distance between the character and platforms and the direction of movement of the platforms. You don’t have too much time to calculate and jump because the water rises quickly. Therefore, you must jump as fast as possible. When you are under the water too long. So, don’t let the water can catch up with you. Don’t forget to collect all coins on the road.

The game has easy gameplay and simple control, but it is challenging to master it. You have to combine your control skills and estimation effectively. Moreover, the game is suitable for all age groups, even children, because it can help them exercise their skills and estimation. Can you pass 100 platforms to save the princess? The beautiful princess is waiting for you! Click on the game now to have a relaxing time! 

Features of Super Mario Jump

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Jump up 100 platforms
  • Collect coins on the way.

How to play

  • Press the space bar or touch the screen to play